Friday, November 13, 2009


So, the chicken was good. I could have cooked it a bit longer to be honest, but it was good. N. liked the outside crispy part and S. liked the asparagus the best, but did eat some chicken. I need to buy more asparagus and start sending it in her bento lunches. She loves it. We need to get away from the turkey bologna every day. I don't even want to know what is in that. It scares me.

But on to today's topic... entertaining for cocktails. The children are sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa's on Saturday and we have dinner plans with friends. We are going to a new Sushi place in town that looks just wonderful and has received rave reviews. I invited them here for cocktails first. Sounded fun, until I realized that I have no idea what that means! My parents and grandmother have people over for cocktails, not me. I don't even drink much.

So I looked up some recipes and found this...

So I bought what I needed and I will be making Red Lotus Cocktails. I have red wine, white in the fridge, and beer. I also reviewed my notes of how to make a cheese plate. I think I got the info from Ina Garten but I am not sure. I got a strong creamy Blue, a sharp Gruyere, and a soft Italian cheese which is sort of like Brie, but Italian. The man at the cheese counter at my favorite market was very helpful and let me taste everything. I got three different kinds of bread/ crackers and a bunch of concord grapes for garnish. I also picked up a small assortment of stuffed olives. So, Italian/ Asian fusion? I am going with it.

Do you do cocktails? It is old fashioned of me? Wish me luck. I have never even used my shaker.


  1. I've never had Cocktails either. What is that? I envision toothpicks and shrimp wrapped bacon? and lots of glasses or open bar, LOL

  2. It was fun, the guys drank beer, we had Red Lotus Cocktails and we all had cheese, crackers and olives.

    Thanks for reading! ;)

  3. Thanks for commenting back. :)