Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner and Stacking the Decks.

Do you ever do that? Have breakfast for dinner? I love breakfast, it is my favorite meal. One of the worst effects of my lap band is my inability to eat before noon. My band is so tight in the mornings and I really don't eat that much, so lunch and dinner it is. But I miss breakfast.

I also love making a big breakfast for my husband on Sunday mornings, but it's tax season (have I mentioned that yet? ;) So this morning at 5:45 am when I woke up to pee, he was already on his way to work. So much for that. I had already bought some breakfast sausage and bacon on Wednesday with the intention of cooking it, so I didn't freeze it.


Buttermilk Whole Wheat Pancakes

I am thinking of a blueberry sauce for the pancakes... I need to go search out a recipe.

Paul asked if we can still have wine. I say, why not?

The party went so well last night. Sophia was doing her "excited dance" all day. She had so many friends here and they all had fun. One of my dearest friends Jenn stayed and helped me, as did Paul, my parents, and my sister and brother in law. My mother and Jenn are both teachers and they had the party running like a well oiled machine. Every parent who came to pick up said how brave I was, and I said, "Nothing a vacuum and a glass of wine can't fix." Truth be told, it took some Excedrin and a quiet day of rest too, but it is over now and boy did we make our little girl happy. It was an entry in my Good Parent column. To be promptly cancelled out by the next three nights while Paul is out of town and we eat fast food, mac and cheese from the blue box, and I loose my patience a gazillion times. Maybe I should throw her a party every month. Stack the decks in my favor?


  1. I am always making breakfast for dinner, more of a brunch but it goes down a treat and it is the one meal I know I wont have to chase my children to eat. but really, up at 5:45am, my dear girl, I would die if that was my wake up time! thanks for visiting housewife bliss, am now following you as well. Gotta love SITS.

  2. We love breakfast for dinner! SO yummy!