Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craziness all around me.

Why do the strangest things always happen to me?

I always go to the same gas station. Full serve and self serve prices. The nice man who owns the station was gone for a few weeks so I asked if all was well, and was told he'd had a baby. Since he has been back I always ask about the baby. Today he asked if I wanted to see pictures. Sure, I said, who doesn't want to see pictures of babies? ... click click click on his IPhone... baby in the high chair, baby with a bottle (sigh), baby in a stroller, and then... wait for it....then comes one of his wife and baby, naked... Both Of Them! Standing in the bathroom, wet from a shower, naked as jaybirds.

It was one of those days where I felt like I was floating above myself watching a movie of me.

I am all out of white wine, so I may resort to a glass of the red my mom hasn't finished.

It's 6:15 and the kids are done with their baths. One good thing about Tax Season nights when Paul works late is that the kids are ready for bed much earlier. It is because we don't wait for him for dinner and also, there is no "daddy's home!" play time.

And really, if they don't go to bed early tonight, I may need more than red wine to sooth my nerves.

So, here is my agenda for the night, get the homework done and earrings back in Sophia (Today was Karate so they are out), keep Nathan calm, dole out bribes, I mean prizes for good behavior (smencils? heard of them?), watch a short video, read books to each one in turn, put them to bed, drink that wine and eat the Mozzarella sticks I got at the Pizza place where I fed the kids, grab a weight watchers ice cream and go watch some American Idol off my DVR. Try to get the image of the naked gas station owner's wife out of my head. ;)

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