Friday, January 8, 2010

Voices Carry

I am starting to think about my "voice". When you read this blog, do you know me? I mean, yeah, I like pink and roses and tea rose perfume... I also love to bake and cook yummy healthy meals for my family. I aim to keep my house warm and cozy and safe. I have a wonderful husband and two delightful children. Blah Blah Blah... Sure, as a friend of mine waits for her son's MRI results from the cancer center where he was treated for brain cancer a year ago, I am counting my blessings. But still... blah blah blah, you know? Sometimes I get pissed off.

Let me tell you about last night. It's been a few days of nonstop. Dentists, Doctors, Karate classes, school, gym, run run run. Last night I got home exhausted at 5 and made a chicken pot pie with the last of the chicken I roasted on Monday. It is a tried and true recipe. I cooked while the kids whined and complained and made me furious. But I was determined to get a hot meal on the table by 6. I also reheated leftovers for the kids who complained that they don't like chicken pot pie (really? WTF?) and cut carrot sticks so they would eat something healthy. I set the damn table (see where this is going, do you?)... My Mother In Law came up for dinner without being called (I think it was the two kids screaming at once while I shouted at them to shut up that got her to come up, actually) , Paul got home from work as I was yelling at S. to finish her damn homework so I could get dinner on the table. I cut into the pot pie to serve it and it was like soup. It never thickened. I almost threw the whole thing at someone. Probably would have been Paul since that is his job, to be the receiver of my wrath. From there, it was downhill. N. was crying, I spent dinner rocking him in the chair while everyone else choked down dinner. Paul and I snapped at each other all night. The kids cried themselves to sleep. Nanny got to retreat to her quiet basement apartment (lucky her).

I have no words of wisdom to insert here. Sorry.

Tonight we have a baby sitter and tickets to Avatar in Imax 3-D.

Thank God.


  1. hugs! some days just don't go the way we plan them in our heads.

  2. I think your voice rings through very clearly - as a person who is striving to do her best, figure it all out, be the best she can at what she is doing in the world. That's the most anyone can ask of us, isn't it? To do the best we can with what we've got to offer, and to bloom where we are planted. I don't think that needs to pressure anyone, but rather inspire people to do the same in their own lives, in whatever form that might take. Rock on, Pancake Queen. :)


  3. Thanks, Kel! I am glad you think my voice is clear. That is a huge challenge for me. I am sorry I didnt catch you on Sunday. I miss you.