Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rechargable Batteries?

How do you recharge? Re-energize? It's almost tax season here in CPA-wife land. This is a time when I frequently feel burned out. It's cold outside, my kids are busy, my husband is not home and when he is home, he needs soothing, loving, and stress relief, not to take over my burdens.

I should interject here that Paul is am amazing husband and father. He is super involved in his kids lives. He co-parents when he is here. He is present to them, and me, and his mother, and anyone else who needs him. During Tax Season, though, too many people need him. I try not to be one of them as much as possible. The best gift I can give him is to take care of things around here so he can relax when he is home. Something inevitably comes up, but we try.

So back to recharging. I usually use food. A cup of tea and a scone, warm from the oven. A few cookies and a glass of milk. Wine and cheese. You get the idea. But as you may or may not know, last March (I know, during tax season, oy) I got a lap band. I am down 60 pounds and going strong. So I need some new ideas.

1) tickling my son and listening to him giggle

2) blogging

3) a glass of cold water and an hour to read other people's blogs

4) a long hot shower

5) playing checkers with my daughter

How do you recharge? I need ideas. Those don't feel adequate.


  1. i don't like actually doing yoga, but there is something magical about how it recharges me. it's kept me pain-free from arthritis and it energizes me and relaxes me at the same time. and it's good for flexibility and complments any fitness program. i credit it with allowing me to pursue my other athletic goals at my age.

    good luck!

  2. You know, I have tried a few times and really felt like my weight got in my way. Maybe it is time to try again. Of course, unless I can find a class when N. is in school it will be hard. I looked once before and couldn't find any mid day classes. I will look again though, thanks for the idea.

  3. When Bill is out of town for long periods of time I rent sappy, girly movies that my husband has no interest in. Also, I make lots of playdates with friends and I have even been known to hire a babysitter and take myself out on a date. Good luck. Being on call 24/7 when you are not used to doing it is very draining. I so know. Also...congrats to you on the weight loss. That is so so awesome.

  4. I find yoga relaxes and recharges me -- mind and body -- at the same time... and keeps me in great shape if I am consistent. Even after a challenging class when I should be exhausted from the exertion I feel exhilirated. If you can't find a class, try a DVD or podcast version so you can do it on your schedule.

  5. Ashley, I may have to get a babysitter once in a while, and actually go out and do something fun. Thanks!

    Amy, thanks for stopping by! I really do need to try Yoga. I never thought of a pod cast, that is a good idea. I hate doing DVD's because they are the same every time. Do you have one that you like? I could do it while both kids are in school.

  6. Elise,

    It's not just you. This time of year always makes me feel low. It could be less sunlight, less outdoor time. I'm not sure.

    For recharging, I would say excercise is a good way that I recharge. It doesn't have to be at a health club or Y (but belonging to one certainly makes it easier), it could just be a brisk walk instead. Worried you won't have time with the kids? See if you can bring them with you for a walk.

    Fresh fruit or veggies can also be good to add some pep. A great cup of coffee works too but is not as healthy as those other methods.

    Hope this helps.