Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seriously, I can make pop overs?

In Amherst, where I went to school there is a restaurant named Judies. They have the most amazing food. And the star attraction is pop-overs. Yummy, buttery pop overs. Did you know you can make them with a muffin tin, a blender, and stuff you have in the house? Really!

So tonight I am making Spaghetti with meat sauce (I added some philly cream cheese since the commercial makes it look so good, and it really is tasty) and pop overs.

I am a rock star.

On a related note, you know, things that seem difficult but are often surprisingly easy, Sophia had a play date today. A little girl, in her grade, just moved in around the corner. I am trying so hard to back off of helicopter parenting and go for a more free range approach, but it is so against the grain for me. But this is wonderful. They played for hours. And other then dropping a plate of cookies that I had just baked in the playroom, and popping some pop corn, I did nothing. We walked her home with no pretty crafts, or just baked cupcakes, just a little dirtier than she came and a lot more tired.

It was wonderful.

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  1. I totally felt like a rock star when I made these!!!! They are awesome!!!!
    Thanks for the recipe!!!!! :o)