Sunday, January 10, 2010

Easy Pancake Mix

Why shouldn't you just make pancakes from a box? Because you will save money and make your children healthier by making it yourself. And I swear, it will be just as easy.

Do me a favor, just try it. Next week at the store buy a few things:

1) A small bag of flour (Start with all purpose, if I convert you, we can delve into whole grains)

2) Baking powder

3) Salt, if you don't have any that isn't in your shaker

4) Those cute little containers of applesauce, go for the natural, or whatever your kids will eat, since you wont use it all.

5) Agave Nectar (buy a small bottle, it's good for you and I will help you use it. You can find it near the honey, which by the way is a good subsititute here if the words Agave Nectar scare you)

6) Eggs

7) Milk

8) Mini chocolate chips if you are so inclined.

That's it, ok? Come back when you have the stuff...

Back? Good. I haven't lost you yet? ;)

Now, take 4 cups of flour, 4 Tablespoons on Baking Powder and a teaspoon of salt. Mix them together well in a big Ziploc bag and put it away.

Now, come back on Saturday Morning, ok?

Ok, now... take 1 egg and whisk it well, an actual whisk makes it quicker work, but a fork is fine. Whisk until it gets bubbles on top.

Pour it in a big bowl and add 1 1/4 cups of the dry mix you have in that bag. Save the rest for next weekend.

Now, add 3/4 cup of milk, 1 tbsp agave nectar and 2 tbsp of that applesauce in the cute little cup.
Walla, pancake batter! Healthy, homemade, from scratch!

Cook them the same way you cook the mix.

Heat up a pan, spray with Pam, spoon the batter on, flip once. I add the chips when they are cooking, but you can add frozen blueberries too for an even healthier version. Think of the anti-oxidants!

Let me know if you try it, I need feedback here people.

Next quest, easy homemade mac and cheese.... I will start working on it and get back to you.


  1. i made a homemade mac and cheese yesterday for my once a month cooking...i'll let you know when we eat it how it turned out. it had cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and cubed ham in it. i added garlic...of

    i always make my own pancakes....i hate the stuff out of a box! Allison

  2. Allison, let me know! I am looking for something that comes out like the blue box, but I don't want to use processed cheese as that sort of defeats the purpose and I would like to do it without needing a roux. I like the fancier kinds too, but I am looking for something my friends who hate cooking can do and feel good about.

  3. GO Elise! I love making pancakes from scratch. Muffins can be done this way too, you mix all the dry and put it in jars, and then just ad the wet in the morning while everyone is getting dressed/showered/ready, (works better on weekends because they aren't as rushed) but you have fresh muffins by the time everyone is at the table or leaving the house for the bus/or wherever they are headed

  4. Can I use this mix for waffles? How would the recipe change? The baby LOVES waffles, and I want to freeze some of my own for her!
    I make my own mac and cheese....but I use a roux....I would love a "tastes like the blue box" recipe...since the kids don't always like the 'grown up' kind!
    Thanks for the recipes!

  5. From what i can tell there are two major differences between Pancake and Waffle batter. One is easily translated to this recipe. I would add the yolk only at first and whip the whites even more and fold them in last. That will give the waffle a fluffier texture. The other difference is that traditionally waffles have more fat than pancakes. It is the fat that makes them crispy. This is a pretty lowfat recipe. You may find the waffles a bit soggy. But a toast in the toaster should fix that problem fairly well. If not, you could use vegtable oil instead of the apple sauce. Let me know if you try it!


    This one looks good Cynthia!

  7. I have a good mac & cheese recipe, but it's not like the blue box. It is, however, mostly made in the microwave (I put it in the oven to make a crispier top of melted cheese...). It does require a roux, but since it's made in the microwave, it's hard to mess up. Let me know if you'd like me to send you the recipe.

    -- Betsy :-)